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SAP FI Content


Introduction to ERP system Enterprise structure.

1.Define company
2.Define company codes
3.Define Business areas
4.Assignments  of company

Financial Global settings

1.Define  fiscal year variant
2.Assign  fiscal year variant to company code
3.Define  posting period variant
4.Assign posting period variant to company code
5.Open and close posting period
6.Define document type & no. ranges
7.Maintenance  of field status variants
8.Assign  field status variant to company code
9.Define  tolerance groups for GL accounts
10.Define  tolerance groups for employees
11.Assign tolerance groups   to users
12.Taxes on Sales / Purchases (input / output)

Financial  General ledger settings

1.creation of chart of account.
2.assign chart of account to company code
3.create account groups
4.define retained earnings account.
5.creation GL masters
6.Displaying/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
7.Document Entry posting normal postings and posting with reference
8.Displaying and change of documents
9.Displaying of GL balances
10.Displaying GL account line items
11.Parked documents
12.Hold documents
13.Create  Sample Document and postings with  sample documents
14.Defining recurring entry document and postings with recurring doc.
15.Creation of account assignment model and posting
16.configuration of line layouts for display of GL line items
17.Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal , reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and deferral documents
18.Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios
19.Define Exchange rates &  posting of foreign currency transactions
20.Interest calculations on term loans
21.Accrual and Deferral  documents

Financial - Account Recivables

1.Create Customer Account Groups
2.Create number ranges for customer accounts
3.Assign number ranges to customer accounts
4.Define Tolerances Group for customer
5.Customer payment terms
6.Create Sundry Debtor account
7.Create customer Master
8.Dunning procedure configuration

Financial - Account Payable

1.Create Vendor account groups
2.Create number ranges for vendor accounts
3.assign the number ranges to vendor account groups
4.create sundry creditors accounts
5.define Tolerances group for vendors
6.vendor payment terms
7.create vendor master data
8.automatic payment program

Bank accounting

1.Define House bank
2.create check lot and check no's
3.check managment

Asset account

1.chart of Depreciation
2.Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
3.specify Account Determination
4.Create Screen Layout rules
5.asset number ranges
6.Define Asset Classes
7.Determine Dep.Area in the Asset Class
8.Assignment of G/L Accounts
9.Define Screen layout for Asset Master data
10.Definge Screen layout for Asset Dep.Area
11.maintain Depreciation key
12.asset postings