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Critical-Thinking and Creative-Thinking Skills

solve problems with various solutions
make decisions, then act
set goals, work to achieve them
being accountable for all actions undertaken
generate ideas

identify opportunities
Identify one interpersonal skill, one thinking skill and one practical skill that you would like to improve.  Briefly list strategies you could use to improve each one.
Think before you act!
Consider the problem from all perspectives
This allows you to anticipate and overcome obstacles before they arise
Impulse decisions can be bad decisions
Resist pressure to conform.
Be confident in your own abilities
Entrepreneurial insight is a unique way to see opportunities.
Studies on inventive folks have systematically incontestable  that creativeness is related to openness to new ideas, risk-taking, and being inner-directed. Do these traits place inventive folks at odds with the culture and other people around them? the
solution generally|is usually|is typically} affirmative and sometimes no.

Say as an example that Jeremy could be a inventive kid that performs below average at school. He could also be seen as a poor student by academics and fogeys for “daydreaming” and doing poorly on objective tests. His latent skills as a right- brain thinker can be under appreciated and underdeveloped.

Or think about the case of Alycia, a highschool teacher WHO works in a very constrictive atmosphere. She is keen to undertake new teaching techniques however finds that her colleagues ar ancient in their approach and even hostile to her ideas. What will she do?

There is very little doubt that inventive folks can struggle in environments that are excessively structured and that they can feel pissed off with tasks that don't seem to be difficult. This helps make a case for why inventive youngsters typically have hassle at school, their right-brain minds wandering whereas their left-brain academics try to force them to memorise data that these inventive youngsters instinctively see as orthogonal or trivial to understanding the “big picture” in life.

Things typically intensify for inventive folks once they enter the hands. If they haven’t chosen their occupation rigorously they'll finish up in a very job that's not like minded for his or her explicit abilities and gifts. sadly, they'll realize this out the laborious means by being bored and pissed off at work.

But the duty itself might not be the matter. it should even be the social surroundings of the geographical point. each geographical point has its own temperament that organically evolves and changes over time. Some workplaces price new ideas and risk- taking, Associate in Nursing atmosphere that may be terribly stimulating for a resourceful, risk-taker. alternative environments are rigid and ancient, which can be frustrating and will cause conflict and discontentment.

Social psychologists have noted that some work teams suffer from deciding, that is that the tendency for a few teams to feel superior to others and to downplay any proof to the contrary. These teams price conformity and resist new ideas. Associate in Nursing conceiver can feel isolated and rejected by co- employees WHO support this sort of atmosphere.

These co-workers typically adopt Associate in Nursing unspoken code relating to folks that ar totally different or stand out from the gang. They send overt  and covert messages of rejection to a resourceful work fellow WHO proposes new ideas. These signals embrace ignoring a person’s comments or providing perfunctory, hollow praise or worse punishments like threats and mock for proposing ideas that threaten the perceived integrity of the cluster.

Many people at work become snug with their daily routines and over time they defend these routines as one thing equivalent to being sacred. These forms of folks typically bow to the unoriginal expression: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” however they over apply this perspective and to them nothing is ever extremely “broken” and to counsel otherwise is to threaten the comfort of their work routines. These folks would possibly respond in a very venomous manner to inventive and risk-taking co-workers WHO threaten their “comfort zone” by proposing new ways in which of doing things.

All of this implies that inventive folks can typically be at odds with folks around them and pissed off by work environments and structure structures that are rigid and unacceptable. this is often part owing to the actual fact that inventive folks are interested in novelty and new ideas and ways in which of doing things, and their inventive minds are typically generating alternatives to accepted practices.

The accumulated effects of those frustrations at college, work, or regardless of the setting, could lead some inventive folks to adopt a rebellious perspective relating to rules and authority. once this happens the result could also be frustration and conflict on all sides wherever a downward spiral results from social conflict and disagreement. This frustration could cause a career amendment or disciplinary action within the geographical point, Associate in Nursing unfortunate by product of inventive folks not being with success integrated into the geographical point community.

These negative manifestations of rebellion are often avoided only if organizations and people ar created conscious of the social dynamics that distinguish totally different temperament varieties from one another. a way to try to to in order that is in style nowadays is for co-workers to require the Myers-Briggs personality test and to debate the results with one another. whereas this check isn't essentially rigorous in terms of accepted applied math measures of dependability or validity, it serves the bigger purpose of gap the door to discussing social response designs and to respect one another for these variations.

Workplace diversity is often outlined in social science terms by inserting folks in black-and-white classes, as an example gender, race, and age. Meanwhile, alternative necessary temperament and social variations, like creativeness, seldom get an equivalent quantity of attention. And nonetheless the creativeness dimension is one among the foremost necessary as a result of creativeness and risk-taking are crucial traits for structure health and survival.

In order to avoid the traps of blind rebellion and open conflict, organizations should do a stronger job of characteristic inventive workers and really nurturing creativeness and respect for creativeness altogether their workers. this is often to not counsel that common cluster practices like “brainstorming” are essentially an honest thanks to nurture creativeness. inventive folks are typically totally different from alternative co-workers in many ways in which embrace social variations, inner- directedness, and work habits. These variations modish likewise as substance ought to be self-addressed in Associate in Nursing open and comfy manner.

Creative folks should even be instructed to grasp themselves and to understand that they need desires that may solely be met in bound ways in which. they'll prosper as artists, entrepreneurs, or in alternative professions that encourage openness, risk-taking, and eccentricity. this implies that our instructional system should be a lot of aware of the requirements of inventive youngsters and should provide ways in which for inventive youngsters to find out that matches their learning designs.

When colleges and workplaces are higher educated concerning creativeness and are in a very higher position to integrate inventive folks into the community, then people and society can profit. and kids like Jeremy are a lot of probably to achieve their full potential and adults like Alycia are able to enhance their work atmosphere by contributive distinctive and difficult ideas.