The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Light As Metaphor For Lightness Of Being

Peoples awareness darkens as their awareness becomes dense with matter identification this is the way cosmic creation is manifested

The denser your. consciousness. less. spiritual light  can penetrate mental state. if we are identified with matter you find it hard to imagine clearly.

people who are completely identified with their bodies consider the senses and sense pleasure the ultimate of existence Seldom if ever do they have an abstract thought by nature thy are reactive not active in a creative sense A clear mind is a sign outwardly that the inner light also is clear A dull mind on the other hand is a sign that the inner light is dull an unfocused 

The English language contains two meanings for light The first meaning is the opposite of darkness The second meaning pertains to lightness of weight.
This coincidence expresses a truth : the more light in our consciousness the more light weighted we feel in awareness.

Influences that increase this sense of lightness increase also the mind's receptivity to visible light. Dence heavy foods how ever cloud the mind and make its consciousness heavy.

When you have set to begin along with your yoga follow, it's imperative for you to find out a way to perform a cause properly. so it's recommended for you to search out a right teacher UN agency can guide you within the correct manner of playacting these poses. Since Hindooism exercises involve the static and isometric contraction of the muscles, wherever the muscles area unit control in an exceedingly state of tension while not inflicting the corresponding piece to move; it's necessary to notice that the stretching or contraction of the muscles mustn't be done short or suddenly. you must endeavour to achieve the ultimate cause as slowly as you'll, in order that there's a gradual rise within the tension of the muscles. forever reach the ultimate posture slowly through the intermediate postures. Master of these postures slowly one by one.

The movement of every piece ought to be done underneath complete management of the muscles exercised. this can be achieved solely once active for a particular amount of your time. There ought to be no jerks or violent movements. every step ought to be dead simply, swimmingly and graciously. Initially, once you begin learning the yoga, there's a bent to use muscles not involved with the desired movement. however over a amount of your time with due follow, you'll eliminate the unproductive muscular activity. As you progress, you’ll learn to use solely the desired muscles for contraction or stretching whereas the opposite muscles area unit unbroken relaxed.

Avoid speeding into the ultimate position of any posture, unless you've got totally down the intermediate stages. forever proceed as so much as you well will and hold this cause for a few time. this may train the specified muscles in an exceedingly few days and so you'll get smoothness and beauty. Take caution to not overwork any muscles. don't management or limit your respiratory. If you're sick or absent from your follow for a protracted time, begin slowly and reach the previous level solely once your time. At the tip of the session, you must feel contemporary and relaxed. you need to expertise the lightness and joyousness at the tip of each session.

You can change the length of varied techniques in step with your capability and there ought to be no exhaustion or tension.

Following of these practices can make sure you get an accurate yoga session.