The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Overcome Stress & Worry

     I was a habitual worrier, always worry about something. It was only when i started reading the Gita that i realized the truth in what Gadhi had said "the gita is the universal mother....Her door is wide open to any one who knocks ". the gita contains not only deep philosophical concepts but also the
principles and techniques which, if put into practice with full sincerity are extremely effective in unimaginably physical ,mental and spiritual ways.

     The verse (chapter 18:66) that appealed the most to me helps me get rid of the worry "Abandoning all duties, take refuge in Me alone. I shall liberate you from all sins, do not grieve".

Everybody at one purpose experiences anxiety once round-faced with a trying or worrying state of affairs. Anxiety is that the feeling of concern, apprehension and worry, in the middle of nausea, palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath. typically this may interfere together with your traditional life. Excessive anxiety is connected with different medical specialty conditions, like depression.

Anxiety is in several forms. it's going to be a concern of snakes, a concern of heights or fearfulness, or it may even be nonstop worry regarding your parenting skills or constant fretting regarding success at work, etc.


Anxiety is claimed to own four components:

Cognitive components: This imposes concern of unsure danger.

Somatic components: once round-faced with a daunting state of affairs your pressurea} and rate are hyperbolic, you tend to sweat, and blood flow to the key muscle teams is hyperbolic. The corporal signs of tension would possibly embody pale skin, sweating, trembling, and pupil dilation.

Emotional elements: The emotional components of tension cause a way of dread or panic, nausea, and chills.

Behavioral components: this might cause each voluntary and involuntary behaviors, and you perhaps directed at avoiding the supply of tension that is kind of common.

Types of Anxiety and also the symptoms:

There area unit varied styles of anxiety – Generalized mental disorder, anxiety disorder and phobic disorder, psychoneurotic Compulsive Disorder, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety and specific phobias. mental disorder is incredibly common throughout the planet. it's a inveterately continual case of tension that may seriously have an effect on your life. individuals with this disorder feel fearful of one thing however area unit unable to articulate the precise concern. If you're perpetually worrying, and have a tough time dominant your worries then you would possibly be tormented by mental disorder.