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Application Blank

Application Blank
                                                  Possible Score
A   1.         Age                                                                 2
2.         Education                                                        5
3.           Additional training                                          1
4.           Extra – curricular activities                              2
5.           Leisure – time activity                                     1
6.           Experience: (a) Type of experience                  4
       (b) Length of experience              3
7.           Family background                                          1
8.           Main occupation of family                               3
9.           Business connections                                       2
10.       Prior involvement in industrial venture            2
11.       Project proposal                                               1
12.       Project planning                                               2
13.       Recognition of strength                                   1
14.       Investment capacity                                         3
15.       Social participation                                          1
16.       Reasons for acceptance of responsibility         1
Psychological Tests

1.         Achievement Motivation                                6
            It has been conceived as an urge to
            improve oneself in relation to his
            personal achievement goal.  This is
            also known as need for achievement. 
            In a more simple form, it is pre-
            disposition to achieve something
            excellent in a competitive situation.

            2.         Sense of efficacy                                             6
                        It is perceived as the general sense of
                        adequacy in a person.  It refers to the
                        potential effectiveness present at the
                        convert (inner) level.  It influences the
                        individual’s general orientation and
                        style of life by virtue of which
                        effectiveness in working for a task
                        related goal is likely to increase.

            3.         Level of aspiration                                          6
                        It indicates he goal statements
                        concerning future level of
                        achievement.  It is concerned with
(a)    individual’s conception of future
 prospects; and (b) expectation of future

            4.         Risk taking preference                                    6
                        It indicates a challenge in ones activity
                        where there is reasonable chance of
                        success.  Success depends not on chance
                        but on one’s own efforts.

            5.         Value orientation                                            5
                        In general values are beliefs about
                        what is desirable and what is not
                        desirable.  Value may be regarded as
                        importance rating which people attach
                        to things, conditions and circumstances. 
                        It may also be regarded as goal
                        objectives to which people orient their
                        thinking, actions and feelings.

                        Value orientation refers to these aspects
                        of the actor’s orientation which commit
                        him to the observance of certain norms,
                        standards, criteria of selection, whenever
                        he is in contingent situation which allows
                        (and requires) him to make a choice.

            6.         Adoption propensity                                       6
                        It is defined as a predisposition in
                        the individual to know about new
                        developments and take interest and
                        risk in trying out new methods than
                        cling on to the traditional ways of doing

 C.      Knowledge Test                                                          10

D.     Interview
1.        Clarity and presentation                                   4
2.       Logic and Rationality                                       4         
3.       Eagerness for Self- employment                       4
4.       Interpersonal Efficacy                                      2
5.       Knowledge of Proposed enterprise                  4   
6.       Efforts made so far towards starting                2             

                                                A+B+C+D      = 100                                      

Rationale for Choice of Items and Scoring

  1. Age 
Research studies have shown that every young and old individual is not very successful in managing business enterprises.  It has been observed that people in thirties are better managers of independent ventures.

  1. Education
Technically qualified persons are expected to possess the requisite technical knowledge and qualities to take up enterprise independently.

  1. Additional Training
Additional training is expected to enrich the person’s knowledge and sharpen the skills.

  1. Extra-curricular Activities
An individual with extra-curricular activities is expected to be active, energetic, tenacious and competitive, which are all necessary for success in entrepreneurship.

  1. Leisure-time Activity
Leisure-time activity is indicative of a person’s interest aptitude, which may throw light upon his desire to achieve something unique.

  1. Experience
Evidence points out that technically experienced individual are better equipped to run enterprises.

  1. Family Background (Migration)
Migrated families are more risk taking, less rigid about occupational mobility and more prone to experiment with new ideas.

  1. Main occupation of Family
A business and trade family background provides a favourable climate for developing entrepreneurial qualities.

  1. Business connections
Business connections widen the person’s outlook and equip him with the business logistics.

  1. Prior involvement in industrial venture
It is assumed that involvement or previous experience in industrial venture would give an individual firsthand knowledge and insight in handling the venture.
  1. Project Proposal
It indicates interest and preparedness to start an industry.

  1. Project Planning
An individual who has complete project plan is thoroughly aware of what he wants to do and how he wants to do.

  1. Investment Capacity
A person who can mobilize some finances for entrepreneurial venture is expected to show more involvement, because of his stake in the enterprise.

  1. Recognition of strengths
Awareness/recognition of any entrepreneurial qualities is helpful in setting the enterprise.

  1. Social Participation
Contact and degree of participation in social organizations and institutions would indicate a person’s assertiveness and orientation towards social benefit.
  1. Reason for acceptance of responsibility
Research evidence shows that entrepreneurs are leaders and work not for power or authority but for achievement.