The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Assignment --- Do You Mean Me?


List 10 things that you think you’re good at. 
Include items such as personal qualities 
Don’t show this list to any of your classmate.

#2need paper & paperclip

On a sheet of lined paper, print your name neatly across the bottom
Hand the page to the student behind you.Each classmate is write down one positive comment about what they think you’re good at.  No negative comments are allowed.
After each comment has been written, the paper must be folded over so that the next writer cannot read the previous comment.  Hold it down with the paperclip

#3  --  return sheet to owner

Read silently through the list of comments about you. 
How do you feel about the comments that have been made? 
What have you learned about how others see you?

#4  --  compare  #1 with #2

Compare the list you made in question 1 with the list of your classmates’ comments. 
How many items on your list are similar to their list of comments?
Keep this sheet and read it on a day you feel down.
A large range of individuals UN agency begin their own business don't notice what quantity work and time are concerned. They fail to hold out any primary analysis and as a result become quickly overcome.

Perhaps the primary question to raise yourself then is whether or not you're really able to begin your own business. does one have AN entrepreneurial mindset? square measure you committed to pay all the time you wish to succeed? And square measure you able to take huge action?

At first, you may need to wear many alternative hats; you may be the CEO, the final manager, the comptroller, the employee, the pc technician, the secretary, the secretarial assistant. you need to so prepare yourself as a result of there'll be days once you square measure defeated, depressed, or pissed off. you have got to appreciate that success won't happen long. And it's going to take a year or 2 before you win your expected results.

To avoid these disappointments, here square measure ‘The twelve most typical Mistakes New Entrepreneurs create & a way to Avoid Them’:

Mistake # one – Failure to pay enough time researching the business plan to check if it’s viable

Numbers of recent entrepreneurs have typically unsuccessful as a result of they weren't really inquisitive about the business; they were a lot of inquisitive about creating cash. it's vital to begin one thing that you just adore, as a result of you may be outlay plenty of your time on that.

Your assignment – pay all the time you wish acting on your business arrange, that ought to include: your mission statement, your business strategy, analysis on your target market (demographics), trade analysis (size, economics, trends, success factors, challenges, etc.), your promoting arrange, your money projections and sales.

Mistake # a pair of – Failure to work out whether or not the business really adds price

The most property businesses, those who stand up to the take a look at of your time, offer price by performing arts a service that folks would like.

Your assignment – certify your product or services offer price and profit to your shoppers. Be able to solve any business issues that your shoppers could have.

Mistake # three – Failure to achieve a whole and total understanding of the business

Every business has drivers; hot buttons and key levers. What drivers exist in your business?

Many business leaders, executives and management consultants would say that success mostly depends on attention to detail.

Your assignment – perceive all the aspects of your business, and of explicit importance, savvy to gift them in a simple and straightforward manner.

Mistake # four – Failure to explain the business in precisely one or 2 sentences

No doubt you’ve toughened the bourgeois whose business is therefore technical or complicated that he cannot justify the thought in plain English. Or, it takes twenty minutes to convey the aim of the business. What price or edges will your business offer?

Your assignment – Have AN economical fifteen to sixty second elevator pitch that introduces you, your business’ mission, focuses on the advantages you offer and causes you to and your business unforgettable.

Mistake # five – Failure to conduct the first analysis

There square measure several nice ideas you'll be able to latch on to, however the key in business is to create positive the thought