The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Attitude survey
The following survey will help you to assess your attitude toward others and toward situations in which you might find yourself.

  5 = yes
  4 = Usually yes 
  3 = sometimes yes / sometime no
  2 = usually no 
1 = no

1.  Are you friendly and outgoing?
2.  Do you avoid being a complainer?
3.  Can you be optimistic when others are depressed?
4.  Do you refrain from boasting or bragging?

5.Do you have a sense of duty and responsibility?
6.  Do you control your temper?
7.  Do you speak well of your employer? or your parents?
8.    Do you feel well most of the time?
9  Do you follow directions willingly, asking questions when necessary?
10   Do you keep promises?
11.   Do you organize your work and stay on schedule?
12.  Do you readily admit your mistakes?
13.  Can you be a leader without being bossy?
14.  Is it easy for you to like most people?
15.  Can you stick to a tiresome task without being prodded?
16.  Do you know your weaknesses and attempt to correct them?
17.  Can you stand being teased?
18.  Do you avoid feeling sorry for yourself?
19.  Are you courteous to others?
20.  Are you neat in your personal appearance and work habits?
21  Do you respect the opinions of others?
22  Are you a good loser?
23.  Can you adapt to new and unexpected situations readily?
24.  Are you tolerant of other people’s beliefs?
25  Do you refrain from sulking when things go differently than you’d like?
26  Are you a good listener?
27.  Are you the type of friend that you expect others to be?
28.  Can you disagree without being disagreeable?
29  Are you punctual?
30  Do you plan on driving carefully?
31.  Do you generally speak well of others?
32.Can you take criticism without being resentful or feeling hurt?
33.  Are you careful to pay back all money, however small?
34.  Do you generally look at the bright side of things?
35.  Does your voice sound cheerful?
36.  Can you work with people you dislike
37.  Are you pleasant to others even when you feel displeased about something?
38  Do you show enthusiasm for the interests of others?
39  Do you tend to be enthusiastic about whatever you do?
40  Are you honest and sincere with others?

Attitude Scoring
   Total your score and rate your yourself according to the following scale.
  175 - 200  You’re terrific
  150 - 174  Your attitude toward others is admirable
  110 - 149  Your attitude needs polishing in certain areas
  Below 110  Take a close look at your attitude.  You might need to pay particular attention to those