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Don't waste the Time

Time Management 
Time is more than money because if you lose money you can earn but if you lose time

To be able to have management over your life - manage some time, do not let it manage you!
To be healthier and happier
Seven Suggestions for Effectively Managing some time
1. Be Organized
Use time saving tools: appointment calendars, "to do" lists, e-mail, responsive machines, file folders, etc.
Have associate degree organized geographic point (don't waste time perpetually probing for your work).
Use your appointment book for everything, as well as listing study time.
Use "to do" lists for each long-run and for every day/week.
2. Arrange Ahead (Schedule it and it'll happen!)
Determine however long your tasks can take (do this before agreeing to require on a task!)
Consider whether or not any activities are often combined.
Determine if huge tasks are often dampened into smaller tasks that will be easier to schedule (such as finding out for exams associate degreed visiting the library as a part of an assignment to jot down a term paper).
3. Priorities Your Tasks
Use associate degree A-B-C scoring system for things on your "to do" lists with A things being highest priority.
Set goals for each the short term and long run on what you wish to accomplish.
Look at all of your "to do"s to measure the time demand and whether or not further resources are required to accomplish them (if affirmative, schedule time to get those resources). do not remit tiny|the tiny|the little} tasks (a sense of accomplishment is sweet and unnoticed small tasks will become larger tasks.)
4. Avoid Overload
Include time for rest, relaxation, sleep, eating, exercise, and socialization in your schedule.
Take short breaks throughout study and work periods.
Don't place everything off till the instant (for example, do not cram for exams).
Learn to mention "no" once applicable and to barter higher deadlines once applicable.
5. Follow Effective Study Techniques
Have associate degree applicable study setting.
Split giant tasks into a lot of manageable tasks.
Read for comprehension, instead of simply to urge to the top of the chapter.
Be ready to raise queries as they are available up throughout study, instead of waiting till simply before associate degree communication.
Do the foremost tough work initial, maybe breaking it up with some easier tasks.
Don't wait till the instant to finish your comes.
Read the curriculum as before long as you grasp and note all due dates (and "milestone" times) on your calendar.
Be a model student! (be attentive and participative at school, and on time, prepared, and desirous to learn)
6. Be able to be versatile
The sudden happens (sickness, automobile troubles, etc.); you would like to be able to match it into your schedule.
Know how to arrange your schedule once necessary (so it does not manage you - you manage it).
Know WHO to evoke facilitate once required.
7. Have a Vision (why square measure you doing all of this?)
Don't forget the "big picture" - why square measure you doing the task - is it necessary to your long-run personal goals?
Have and follow a private mission statement (personal and career). (Are your activities ultimately serving to you attain your goals?)
Know what's necessary to you. (What does one worth most?)

Have a positive attitude!