The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Human Resource Factors

  • (i) Achievement Motivation:
  • Achievement motivation include both personal achievement and social achievement. It is the basis of entrepreneurship as entrepreneurs with high need achievement succeed better (standard  procedure developed by McClelland-1958)
  • (ii) Risk taking willingness:
  • It refers to seeking challenge on one’s activity. The person perceiving greater amount of risk in the venture has the higher risk-taking willingness (Ring-Toss exercise- McClelland, 1964)

(iii) Influence Motivation:
  • It refers to the desire for influencing other people and the surrounding environment. The entrepreneur would need sufficient motivation to both influence them and control the means to achieve the end in order to succeed in dealing with these diverse agencies and forces.
    (iv) Personal efficiency:
    It has been defined as the general sense of adequacy in a person. It is the tendency of an individual to accept success or failures which are within his control. It represents the potential effectiveness present at the inner level.
    The roots of efficiency of an individual lie in his perceptions and beliefs about himself. These beliefs may be the result of an individual’s self-concept and perception of his own strength.
  • (v) Aspirations:
    Aspirations are goal statements concerning future level of achievement. These can be regarded as a concept of individual of his future prospects and as a form of self motivation.
    (vi) Identification of Enterprise:
    Once an entrepreneur is identified, it is necessary to identify a suitable enterprise or project for him. The enterprise must be matched with the potential entrepreneur. All the background information like his skills, experience in the field, the physical resource available, family occupation, etc. should be taken into consideration.