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Identification & Selection of Entrepreneurs

Why Identification and selection
ØTo induce entrepreneurial culture specially non-business communityØTowards entrepreneurial societyØTowards
ØSuccessful role model
ØTo unlock entrepreneurial potential in various target groups viz. women, rural, tribal, educated/ uneducated youth
How To Identify A Potential Entrepreneur
Identifying Entrepreneurial Traits

Selection of potential entrepreneurs has 2 essential components:
(A) distinguishing Entrepreneurial Traits
(B) Identification of Enterprise
Identifying Entrepreneurial Traits:
Every participant should have a minimum level of eligibility for developing into Associate in Nursing businessperson. The entrepreneurial traits square measure broadly speaking classified into 2 groups:
(I) Socio Personal Characteristics:
(II) Human Resource Factors:
(I) Socio-Personal Characteristics:
Socio-personal characteristics include:
(i) Age:
Young individuals square measure a lot of sure-fire entrepreneurs as a result of the older people square measure a lot of reluctant to require risky ventures.
(ii) Education:
A minimum level of education is crucial.
(iii) Family background:
Family background helps in making entrepreneurial setting and activity awareness for the entrepreneurs. If Associate in Nursing businessperson selects a trade that is being carried in his family, it's obvious that he would be a lot of with it.
(iv) Size of family:
The size and kind of the family and standing of businessperson within the family are vital social personal characteristics. in a very joint family, businessperson might command very little authority however has usually a bigger risk-bearing capability as compared to family unit.
(v) operating hands:
A small businessperson has usually to depend on members of the family as he cannot afford to rent employees.
(vi) Social participation:
Social participation determines the number of influence of businessperson outside his immediate peanut gallery. The successes of businessperson greatly depend on the social participation.
Human Resource Factors. Human resources issue includes:
(i) accomplishment Motivation:
Achievement motivations embody each personal accomplishment and social accomplishment. it's the premise of entrepreneurship as entrepreneurs with high want accomplishment succeed higher.
(ii) Risk taking willingness:
It refers to seeking challenge on one’s activity. 2 persons might read a similar venture as involving totally different degree of risk. If each of them opt for a similar venture, if means the person perceiving bigger quantity of risk within the venture has the upper risk-taking disposition.
(iii) Influence Motivation:
It refers to the will for influencing people and also the close setting. The businessperson would wish spare motivation to each influence them and management the suggests that to attain the top so as to achieve addressing these various agencies and forces.
(iv) Personal efficiency:
It has been outlined because the general sense of adequacy in a very person. it's the tendency of a personal to simply accept success or failures that square measure inside his management. It represents the potential effectiveness gift at the inner level.
The roots of potency of a personal be his perceptions and beliefs concerning himself. These beliefs could also be the results of Associate in Nursing individual’s self-concept and perception of his own strength.
(v) Aspirations:
Aspirations square measure goal statements regarding future level of feat. These may be thought to be an inspiration of individual of his future prospects and as a sort of self motivation.
(Vi) Identification of Enterprise:
Once Associate in Nursing businessperson is known, it's necessary to spot an acceptable enterprise or project for him. The enterprise should be matched with the potential businessperson. All the background info like his skills, expertise within the field, the physical resource accessible, family occupation, etc. ought to be taken into thought.
ØTo reduce unemploymentØTo maximise resource utilisationØTo discourage non-entrepreneursØTo identify striking entrepreneurial traits
economic development
Ø Right kind of potential person for proper implementation of Government schemes

Selection of potential entrepreneurs has two essential components

(A) Identifying Entrepreneurial Traits

(B) Identification of Enterprise

The entrepreneurial traits are broadly classified into two groups:

(I) Socio-Personal Characteristics

(II) Human Resource Factors

The proper identification and choice of potential entrepreneurs is that the 1st and foremost step in EDP. Utmost care ought to be taken to spot the proper candidates for coaching. Tests, conference and interviews could also be employed in the choice of businessperson.